Dura-Line Case Study



Dura-Line is a leading international manufacturer and distributor of communication and energy infrastructure products and systems including conduit, cable-in-conduit, pipe, and accessories.   The company is based in Knoxville, Tennessee.  www.duraline.com

Investment Merits

  • Global market leader with entrenched customer relationships
  • Diversified blue-chip customer base and end-markets
  • Positive industry dynamics driven by global build-out of telecom, energy and water infrastructure
  • Fragmented industry with actionable add-on acquisition opportunities
  • Proven ability to perform through economic downturns

Key Accomplishments

  • Enhanced management team, recruiting five direct reports to CEO
  • Professionalized board of directors; added four independent directors with applicable industry experience
  • Diversified end-market exposure from primarily telecom to more balanced telecom, energy, general infrastructure mix
  • Enhanced geographic footprint and end-market mix through two add-on acquisitions
  • Executed performance improvement plan focused on procurement, manufacturing optimization, margin management and working capital management

Company Performance & Value Creation


Note: MoIC = multiple of invested capital