Onward Capital’s Role


Build a Strategic Board of Directors

We collaborate with senior management to build a strategic board tailored to the unique needs of each of our investments.  We are not operators and look to provide strategic guidance and oversight at the Board of Directors level.  Together we drive strategic initiatives focused on maximizing long-term shareholder value.


Assist with Human Capital Needs

We believe that a good investment thesis puts human capital first.  We empower our management teams to be forward-thinking and make investments in human capital that will benefit our businesses long-term.  We have a broad network of industry and institutional contacts that can assist our teams with identifying and recruiting top talent.  In the small businesses that we own, this includes filling gaps in the team, increasing staff in the functional areas where opportunities exist and incentivizing the team to think like owners by offering investment opportunities and equity incentives to key managers.


Lead Corporate Development Efforts

In the fragmented markets that our companies serve, an attractive way to broaden our companies’ geographic reach, product offering, customer base, competitive position and purchasing power is often through consolidation.  The Onward team has a long history of identifying, acquiring and successfully integrating add-on acquisitions and has successfully completed over 100 add-on acquisitions for our former portfolio companies.  These follow-on acquisitions have ranged in size from small tuck-ins to transformative combinations.


Support Continuous Performance Improvement Actions

We support investing in our businesses to generate sustainable advantages.  Technology improvements, efficiency gains, and productivity tools can help our management teams compete.  We and our Executive Advisors have a broad network of relationships with experts that can assist our companies in pursuing internal margin expansion opportunities and/or productivity gains.


Access to Capital to Fund Growth

Onward Capital and its co-investors are eager to support our companies’ growth plans with additional capital.  Over our history, we have arranged capital for over 60 transactions totaling $600 million in financings.  Our extensive relationships with a broad base of financing sources of both debt and equity allow us to deliver an efficient process to sellers and their management teams.